Rat City is a Baltimore-based mixed ultimate frisbee team


What is Rat City?

Rat City is a mixed gender ultimate team based in the Baltimore area. It was founded in 2017 by people who saw the need for another space for players to grow and compete at a high level. The purpose of our team is to improve mixed ultimate in Baltimore while being the best teammates and opponents we can be, on and off the field. We take pride in representing Baltimore in the Mid-Atlantic mixed region, which is full of top-level talent and a strong social community

Why "Rat City"?

""Why 'Rat City'?", you may ask. "Rats are gross!" you may say. While they may be gross, Baltimore (which is known to have many rats gracing our fair city) is not. Rat City is a team that embraces everything Baltimore and the greater Baltimore region, and actively engages as a team with what that means. Whether that is Ravens and O's, Utz and Bohs, a problematic history of systemic racism, active grassroots resistance, or hons and the harbor... we want people to know that we take pride in our city and the efforts to improve it. We're taking back rats.

The 2020 Captains

The Tourney Schedule

To Be Determined

The 2020 Roster

To Be Determined. Check back in June 2020